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Impact of Covid-19 On Quality Assurance Of Higher Education In Kerala: Challenges and Opportunities

17-03-2021, 10 a.m -4 p.m


Please follow the guidelines for abstract submission:

  1. Abstract should be with name, affiliation, email id and contact number of the author/authors.
  2. The abstract should include a title.
  3. It should not exceed 200 words.
  4. Email the abstract to on or before 01/03/2021.



Upon the selection of the abstract, the authors will receive a communication on 02/03/2021 to send the full paper.

  1. The articles should be prepared in English
  2. The guidelines for submitting the full paper are:
  3. It should be prepared in both pdf and word format, font size 12 Times New Roman with a line space of 1.5.
  4. Title of the Paper should be in upper case, font size 14, bold with center alignment
  5. Articles other than case studies, should contain an Abstract, small Introduction, Material & Methods, Results & Discussion, Keywords and References.
  6. All symbols and abbreviations should be properly defined; superscripts, subscripts and ambiguous characters should be clearly indicated.
  7. The full paper should be communicated to on or before 10 March 2021.


Selected articles will be published as conference proceedings with ISBN number.

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