BhooMithra Club

For strengthening the commitment of students in environmental conservation, Bhoo Mithra Sena Club is functioning in the college. The main objectives of the club are:

To encourage the students appreciate environment and environmental educational issues of the locality.

To provide environmental educational opportunites  for students and involve them in addressing         environmental issues of the locality

To make students practice and advocate sustainable   life styles.




Equal Opportunity Cell

Equal Opportunity Cell, Pavanatma College, Murickassery is functioning in adherence to the Equal Opportunity Policy of the College.


Students from SC, ST, SEBC, BPL, Women Headed Family, differently abled students, Tamil Medium students, Slow Learners, and other reservation categories are the benefactors of EOC.


Pavanatma recognizes and accepts that it has a legal and moral obligation for the prevention and elimination of discrimination in any form; the College is committed to developing a community, which ensures equality of opportunity for all.


The EOC functions with the aim to promote good relations among the staff and students and to create a learning environment within which all members of the community can realize their individual potential to the highest degree possible. Through its efforts, EOC ensures that all students are treated equally irrespective of disability, religion, age or sex.EOC is working here for ensure the effective implementation of equal opportunity policy of the college, which is mentioned in the SSR and college directory.

College Level Coordination


Coordinators – 2 nos ( At least one staff coordinator is to be a lady faculty)

Present Coordinators

Santhosh George (Assistant Professor in History), Mob : 9747592938, email :

Ambily K. (Assistant Professor in Economics), email :

Grievance Redressal Mechanism

Grievances of the students can be submitted to the Equal Opportunity Cell via. Offline/ online mode. Grievances to be rectified by EOC are limited to the grievances from the EOC benefactors only. As far as possible amicable solutions may be find out by the coordinators in consultation with Principal. If the condition is so severe/beyond the purview of the cell the grievance may be forwarded to the College level grievances cell/counselling cell.

To register a complaint/grievance

If you wish to register a complaint or grievance please fill the google form attached herewith.

Link for grievance