Pavanatma College – IQAC

 Quality Improvement Activities

Pavanatma College IQAC is striving for the gradual quality improvement of both academic and co-curricular components of teaching learning process. IQAC in Pavanatma College directly involve or play a catalytic role in the following activities/initiatives of the College.

  1. Academic and Administrative Audit
  2. IQAC Blog
  3. Capacity Building Programmes
  4. Celebration of national events/ Days/ Festivals
  5. Community based Extension services and Outreach activities for society
  6. Disabled friendly environment
  7. Effective Grievance Redressal system
  8. E-Governance in Documentation
  9. Energy Audit
  10. Environment Audit
  11. Faculty Development Programmes
  12. Feedback Mechanism
  13. Focus on ICT based Teaching Learning process and secure Evaluation
  14. Gender Audit
  15. Green Audit
  16. Hosting Seminars/ Conferences/ Workshops/ Faculty Development Programs on regular basis
  17. Implementing NAAC Peer Team recommendations
  18. Infrastructure Audit
  19. Initiatives for Research Promotion
  20. Internal and External Financial auditing
  21. Introduction of Certificate courses for bridging the gap and skill development
  22. Meetings of IQAC 
  23. Mentor-Mentee Programme
  24. NIRF India Ranking Participation
  25. Non-Teaching Staff Training for quality management
  26. Orientation Programmes on NAAC Accreditation
  27. Participation in AISHE Survey
  28. PO and CO attainment evaluation measures
  29. Proactive Alumni Association
  30. Professional Development Programmes
  31. Promotion of environment ecosystem restoration awareness and activities
  32. Review the online and offline feedback received from the students and stakeholders with necessary action.
  33. Semester wise teaching plan and research activities before start of semester.
  34. Sensitization programs for entrepreneurship, Spiritual and holistic development
  35. Special emphasis on Participative, Experiential, Problem based, Patient Centric and Self-directed learning
  36. Special programs for motivating Advanced, Average and Slow learners
  37. Staff and student welfare measures
  38. Strategic planning and proper implementation of Academic Calendar for Effective delivery of Curriculum
  39. Strengthening Energy and Water conservation measures
  40. Strengthening of Library and its resources on regular basis.
  41. Strengthening programs for inculcating Soft skills and Employability skills
  42. Student Induction Programme
  43. Student Orientation Programmes
  44. Submission of AQAR timely
  45. Placement Cell activities
  46. Up gradation of IT facilities on regular basis
  47. Website Updation on continuous basis