Participatory Forest Management



The goal of the programme is to create a society that is committed to preserve the integrity of the nature and environment.


  1. To inculcate in students the awareness regarding the need and importance of forest protection.
  2. To emphasize the problem of Global Warming, Pollution, Green House effect etc.


  • The programme is intended to provide forest-based research in history, tribal life, instruction and extension that supports forest and wildlife conservation and management in an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable fashion.
  • The programme is designed in three levels -Certificate Course-Diploma Course and Advanced Diploma Course.
  • The course is under credit system.
  • A student who takes up all the four modules in the respective course will be awarded Certificate/Diploma/Advanced Diploma in Participatory Forest Management.
  • The pre-requisite for joining the Certificate course is a pass in Higher Secondary School Examination or equivalent.
  • The course is designed in a progressive way such that a student can join for the diploma course only if he/she successfully completes the certificate course and the advanced diploma course only if he/she successfully completes the diploma course.
  •  Each course requires on the job training / a project report.