MATLAB Programming and applications


The goal of this programme is to increase student motivation and success in programming scientific and engineering areas through application –oriented problems.


1.    Develop numerical computing proficiency by learning and implementing the methods.
2.    Develop problem –solving skills.
3.    Improve scientific programming skill.


  • This course is intended to help students develop a basic competence in scientific computing using MATLAB.
  • The programme is designed in three levels –Certificate Course –Diploma Course and Advanced Diploma Course.
  • The course is under credit system.
  • A student who takes up all the four modules in the respective course will be awarded certificates/Diploma/Advanced Diploma in MATLAB programming and applications.
  • The pre-requisite for joining the Certificate course is a pass in Higher Secondary School Examination or equivalent.
  • The course is designed in a progressive way such that a student can join for the diploma course only if he/she successfully completes the diploma course.
  • Each course requires on the job training/a project report.