Computerized Accounting & Taxation


The goal of the programme is to produce highly competent accountants to cater to the requirements of the business world.


  1. To train and develop students to improve their accounting skills.
  2. To train the students in the use of modern accounting packages to improve their efficiency.
  3.  Enable students to build up a career through direct placement.


In the era of booming technology, clubbing of the theoretical knowledge with practical experience is of paramount importance. The course has been designed with a view to embellish the students with

additional professional qualification along their graduation programme.

  • This is an emblematic course reflecting academic autonomy and incorporating theoretical and technological knowledge. This will enable them to be techno-savvy, leading to become practitioners and professionals in accounting and taxation.
  •  The career oriented course in computerized accounting and taxation is designed in three levels-certificate course, diploma course and advanced diploma course.