B.Sc.MATHEMATICS(B.Sc. Mathematics Model II  Vocational Computer science)

B.Sc. Mathematics is a three year undergraduate course. This program provides students with a comprehensive education in various areas of mathematics.


  • Provide students a very strong foundation in fundamental concepts of Mathematics by developing their logical thinking, analytical skills and problem solving skills to understand the wide applications of Mathematics.
  • To cultivate and nurture a research culture in the young minds.•    
  • To promote students to pursue higher studies in Mathematics at prominent institutions.
  • Prepare students well for various careers which demand good        mathematical thinking and reasoning.•    


  • To bridge the gap between the plus two and post graduate levels of Mathematics by acquainting the students with almost all areas of basic Mathematics.
  •  To strengthen the mathematical background of students through lectures and conduction of seminars and invited talks as well through learner centered curriculum like student seminars and assignments.

Area of coverage:

 An under graduate program that nurture the logical thinking, analytic thinking and problem solving skills of the student. This covers the high level geometry and the basic areas of Analysis, Algebra, Number theory, Discrete Mathematics and Calculus.   

Higher studies:

M.Sc. Mathematics, M.Sc. Applicable Mathematics, M.Sc. Statistics, M.Sc. Operations Research and Computer Applications

Job opportunities:

Teaching, Research, in the field of Biology B.Sc. Mathematics students has job opportunities.

Student strength:



 Pavanatma College provides smart classroom, department library along with the resourceful college Library with internet facility.