BA.ENGLISH( B.A. English Literature and Communication studies (Model-III-Double main))

The Programme commences in the current academic year 2014-15. The Two Main Program opens the wide world of literature and communication for the smart and enthusiastic learners. Freelance writing, Media, Teaching, Journalism, Business Field, Lectureship, Research, Literary World...etc are a few areas awaiting the earnest students who complete this programme in an outstanding manner.


  • To train students in the area of language and literature
  • To motivate students to enter into the vast world of literature
  • To encourage them to dive into the vast ocean of world classics

Area of coverage:

 This course covers the areas of English Language and Literature, Sociology, Communication Studies and Journalism

Job opportunities:

Print media, visual media, on-line media, Content writing, Copy writing, Freelance writing, Photography, editing, Web writing, Script writing, Direction, Public relations, Teaching 

Higher studies:

Post graduation in literature, B.Ed in English, journalism, copy writing, printing technology.   

Student strength:



 Dept. of English provide a Language Lab and spoken English class .